Vehicle Battlefield Dev Log

Well, I did it.

Go test the cursors out. -Maybe send some Feedback.

Vehicle battlefield 2 is scheduled to be released the between December 26th (2023) and January 3rd (2024). I’ve re-done the description and am more than halfway through the first level!

Vehicle battlefield 2 is not an entirely new game, it’s just a polished and… well better, version of thr original game.

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Here are some of the new features I’ve added to Vehicle Battlefield 2:

  • Smoke trails for the two spaceships.
  • Tread marks for the tank (Same object as the smoke!).
  • Pop-up storyline!
  • Nuclear shockwave instead of the infamous Comit.
  • Upgraded speed in levels two and three.
  • Tank body & gun as separate parts.
  • Healers in level three (Chase)… so the level can be longer (Hehehe).
  • Special undergrowth and secret panels that become slightly transparent when the player passes under them.
  • Much shorter levels with more closely-packed enemies.
  • New animations for nearly every object.
  • Upgraded menu buttons.
  • Upgraded menu text (Using labels).

That’s most of the major updates I’ve added to Vehicle Battlefield 2. Remember, its release date is on New year (Maybe a bit earlier), so be sure to mark your calendars.

Also, I’ll be drawing the cover of the game today! I hope it looks pretty good.

I might be adding some competitive features too, like a saving High-Score on the chase level, or enemy kills int he first.

If you want to be one of the first beta testers, I’ll be looking for some near the start of December!

Thanks for reading!


Level design, Level design, Level design. I agree with Sup3r87, the hardest part of this kind of game is the level design. It’s just so boring, although it makes for an epic experience.

Special thanks to @kade, the bugfinder, for playtesting my game. (This was in private).

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