Version Locking

I’ve been playing several games, including one of my own, and I find it sad that these games can’t be played much anymore, the new updates break them, for example on hidden you can’t beat the elevator level because the lasers have massive hitboxes now, and in my game flowidia part 2 you float during the boss battle, and you used to touch the actual ground. I think we should be able to lock the code from updates so it stays on the version, and to update your game you can either update all code or use the old code style.

You can already do this.

I discovered this by accident a week ago, but on your games page. There’s 3 vertical dots near the top right of your game profile. Clicking on that will present a drop down and the middle one will say “Lock Version”. This allows you to select a flowlab update to lock your game on so your game won’t constantly update as flowlab does.

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Just tried stone cold steel, doesn’t work either :cry:

Screenshot 2024-03-19 123138

The lock version allows you to select any version of flowlab to lock your game on.

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