Very Annoying Bug (In My Opinion)

I Dont Know How To Explain It But I Have Some Pictures. (Look At The Ground)

In The Editor:

Not In The Editor:

Some Of The Ground Just Randomly Disapears. I Have Bad Internet And I Have To Reload The Page To Make The Ground Apear Again.

Very Annoying.

I think it’s because the game is triggered with the title you gave it.
No but seriously, can you leave a link to the game? I know it appears in the screenshots, but not everyone has the time to type it in their URL bar.

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It Only Appears To The Editor/Creater

The ground appears to be looking and working just fine on my end, even during play mode. I think it might be your internet that you just mentioned.

Even If Its Working Good, It Will Still Do It

Oof, I didn’t read that properly. :cold_sweat: I’ve never had this bug before. I did have objects spontaneously appear even after I deleted them, but not this.

Ok, this thread degenerated. I cleaned it up, so let’s try and keep it that way :slight_smile:


@pixelknife31 - can you reproduce this bug reliably, or does it appear random?

@grazer It Appers Randomly

It Appears Sometimes And I Don’t Know Why Or How. I Don’t Even Know If It’s A Bug