Very big dilema

I want the player to be able to do something in my game in one scene, then allow them access to a new location in another.
Here is the game: Flowlab Game Creator - Retrogradion
The music doesn’t work but I want the passage in the mountain to be accessable after killing the rats in the house.

Oh yeah you can get past that blue guy on the mountain by just holding right and spamming jump if your interested.

You can add a global value (for the number of rats in the house,) whenever a rat gets killed, the rat turns the value down. In the player, when it reaches zero, turn on a switch which allows you to go to a different level.

Do you need pictures?


Yes please that would be much appreciated. :smiley:

Hey @Flying_Fajita , I haven’t been able to figure it out. Could you send a screen shot or two?

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Sorry about that.

so here are the behaviours in the rat (I just added two)

and here are the behaviours in the player:

here you need to fill out the total number of rats, click on the collision to the door OUT of the rat house, and change the level to the one you want.

Thanks @Flying_Fajita !

I probably should have been more specific.

I did try your method though and it worked for if I wanted the player to be able to be teleported to another area once they kill the rats.


yeah, so just instead of level changing, changing position.