Very brain rot game

Skibidi toilet by jackson_Coool is a horrific experience where the player is a cameraman from the infamous skibidi toilet series, Coool has an unliscenced skibidi toiled product which breaches copyright regulations, i ask the flowlab admins to remove his ■■■■■■ game immediately.

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Dafuqboom!, why are you using Flowlab disguised as a random kid?

Also in case he’s serious, this is the game link:


News flash buddy, skibidi toilet uses models from Half Life 2 which Valve owns all copyright to. Skibidi toilet is infringing on copyright.

The actual flowlab site(not the forums and Discord) aswell as the engine itself is all ran by one dude named ken (better known as grazer) I’m pretty sure there has never been a situation where a game has been deleted, many Flowlab games also contain copyrighted material.

Also, stop being mean to this guy. He just wanted to make a game.

While I’m pretty sure giving constructive criticism and not being nice are rules, both of which you’ve broken with your post, I’m unsure on if the Admins of the Flowlab community will take action. I’m also pretty sure that you’ve broken a rule with your utterly obscene username.

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Probably. No one should get away with a name like that.

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Definitely. But I did just notice only after reading pug’s post.

Countless games have been deleted, but only by the owners/creators themselves for whatever reason. True though that copyright and whatnot have never taken down a game on Flowlab as of yet. I can attest to the fact that “many Flowlab games also contain copyrighted material” because of all the fangames of officially licensed IPs (intellectual properties) that I’ve played here and also made myself. Skibidi toilet emerging on Flowlab was inevitable.

If you’re a skibidi fan, @gamergirlpee123, I strongly believe you should go after unofficial Skibidi Toilet content that actually has a negative impact on Dafuqboom’s official series, like that one guy who copyright-struck down the official videos because they looked too much like his fake ones and got Dafuqboom banned from uploading for 13 days because of YouTube’s crapy system.

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