Very specific mobile keyboard popup bug

So i was just editing my game on my phone for the first time and i encountered a bug. The bug isnt a phone/android software problem or anything like that.

  • phone is samsung galaxy s6
  • game is taile gamougg emerald warrior remake
  • browser is samsung internet

The bug is that the phone keyboard pops up whenever you cut or copy any code in the behaviors, and if closed by pressing the back button on the phone, it will pop up again every single time you tap.

Temporarily is fixed by pressing the play button in the editor then going back to editor by pressing edit game. Issue is very consistent.


My thought initially, is your phone is reading it as “import behavior” so the phone keyboard is trying to type in the “import behavior” box? Thats just my guess.


Thats possible, yeah. I dont know how to check the browser console on mobile (or if you even can) so ill just have to wait :man_shrugging: :sunglasses:


This has been happening for a few years now; it’s not just your phone or browser (though I have a Samsung too so I can’t speak to whether iphones have it). But yeah, it’s a great little trick to bring up the keyboard when it would otherwise be unavailable, so I see it as a positive :sweat_smile: