ViperTeck has a new survey for you!

Hey guys and gals, mind doing a survey real quick? It’s only four questions, and it’ll help out a lot! =D

Sent mine in!

Thanks, @rcreger! Loved your responses, I actually haven’t considered a level up/upgrade system yet! I’ll have to look into doing something like that… I’ll probably have to wait until the game save feature is added, tho, considering how complicated the mechanics already are. \:

I submitted my answers

Hey @browngr i sent it please do what a say on the last question if not bad things will happen :slight_smile:

sent in mine

Thanks, everyone!

@browngr they’re adding a game save feature?? :open_mouth:

@rcreger I talked with @grazer with it recently, it’s probably not going to reach development stage for another 1-2 years, but yeah, it’s a confirmed update that’s happening at some point in the future. (=

@browngr oh, okay! That’s got me excited, though. Can’t wait for that:D

Also, just released a little more Night Springs info on the actual Night Springs account, if you wanna check it out. It’s a short read - here.

Also, keep me posted on the upcoming update @grazer :slight_smile:

Thanks, @rcreger! I’ll check it out. (=

Inputs for this survey are still being accepted until September 15th! Get your answer in before then! :+1:

why the **** is everything on my birthday?

The survey ending, the big HAKK3R 2 reveal, DoM 3 year anniversary (no I haven’t been making the game for 3 years it’s when the idea was born),

Tue Sep 15 Get Ready Day
Tue Sep 15 International Day of Democracy
Tue Sep 15 International Dot Day
Tue Sep 15 National Linguine Day
Food & Beverage

no I didn’t make these up they are very real