ViperTeck now has a Discord!

Since it’s a commonly asked question, I’ll answer it here:

ViperTeck is my unlicensed company with one general intent: Improve life for life. Let the world thrive in more ways then one.

ViperTeck Entertainment is the one most of you are more familiar with. There, we develop video games, like HAKK3R, FoodWars, Knocking Over Trashcan Simulator [Obviously the best one, duh] and our upcoming release, HAKK3R 2.

Atomica specialises in… Atomic and Nuclear studies, working to renew the vision of the future, and at the same time, taking away our need to weaponise nuclear technology. If it succeeds, our world will go down a different, and better path.

ViperTeck Arms is going to be difficult to get going. We’ll need military ties, and many approvals. But once that happens, ViperTeck will be designing new types of armour and weaponry for the soldiers of our country and its allies.

The ViperTeck: LIFE program specialises in biology and medicine, and will be a non-profit. All of its funding will be sustained by Atomica, since they heavily work together. ViperTeck: LIFE is going to be a very important quadrant of the company, if not the most important.

I hope you’re interested in joining, and if you want to keep up-to-date on our game development projects, I highly recommend you join!