There’s a lot of answers for those looking for them. I have put a variety of effects so you can find out… stuff you want to know.’s the name :smiley:

Nice game.

Gameplay is a bit annoying. Try to make it easier next time.
And make your own sprites instead of using the tutorial sprites.

And isn’t this better?

Yeah I should fix some of those glitches…

Sometimes the lightning balls work just fine, but sometimes they fly out and do things I don’t even know how to fix…

Fixed the “Invisible water” glitch. I took out a lightning ball too (to make it slightly easier)

Pls note any other glitches you see so I can fix it.

@Luminous700 Do you know what that parallax is? Look at the background.

It doesn’t really matter in putting that level one cloud in the background all the time, because people get the idea already… but it’s a good idea (my games can’t be perfect :P)

I put it to 50 for now.

Wait, yeah, 30 is better

Thnx for the advice :slight_smile: