Visual coding and normal coding.

@grazer, hi my name is R0CK. I’m just wondering. Can there be a feature that everyone could use code instead of visual blocks? For example, my finger hurts because of the trackpad so could add like a code structure. For people that like typing than dragging blocks. Not a complex code structure. But a simple code structure that has the variables of the visual blocks. So it’s much easier to create games When typing. Plus when I use visual coding the strings are everywhere so it’s hard to find what functions.

Yes, there is such a thing. This is called scripting. However, it takes around ten times as long and really requires an advanced knowledge of not just flowlab, but computer programming in general. My recommendation is to exercize every day for around thirty minutes to two hours. This will increase not only your physical fitness, but will up your stamina for when you are typing. I have some great sources for quick and easy exercises for hands if you need some.