Okay, this is a question I have been questioning for a while, but only NOW… Water. This is not for any game I have, but rather a question in general. I assume it has something to do with the material block, and the density, frixktion and gravity, but what I want in short is the water effect in games. When you jump in, you float, and slowly sink to the bottom, and everytime you jump it is a slow and, again, you sink. Like being in space, or having no gravity. Basically, is it possible to have the underwater effect? Shout outs to @“JR 01” @Superstargames @GrimProductionZ @seamothmaster45

Yes i believe so, but it’s more of a ladder type thing like on the example

Make actual water in Flowlab is impossible and would look like sand.
HOWEVER, making objects “float” like its above water is actually too hard.
@PixelPizza actually showed me how to do this, but I’ll try to maybe make an example for it later.

Yes! And @“JR 01” What is the time for you now? I hope I can see that example later on…

On the phone again, so can’t throw anything together.
One way of doing it is to apply a counter force against gravity.
So you have a numerical water level, compare that to the depth of the player under it and adjust the force. So high force when he is deep in the water and at water level just enough to balance him there.

I hope I make sense :slight_smile:

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@TinkerSmith I actually Understand what you mean, I just don’t know how to do it…

@“JR 01” Dang, I sent that message at 06:31… I only live in England…

@“The Kodex”
Sorry, answering ‘blind’ here.
Hmmmm, so the player drops into the water, i guess you have tiles for that (maybe transparent in front?)
You check for collision or proximity, not sure whats better without being able to fiddle around.
Now start calculating, extract player Y and subtract the imaginary Y water level.
Divide the result by some suitable factor and apply the result as counter Y force to the player (impulse maybe? still blind, lol)
Some tinkering with the result value will be required, min/max etc.

And if I’m completely on the wrong track with all the options Flowlab has, my apologies in advance.
Just how I did it on other systems, teach us how to do it better, oh mighty Flowlab Gods :slight_smile:

Thanks @TinkerSmith , I see where you are coming from, but maybe @“JR 01” or @PixelPizza Can try to make some example at this later on.

Water logic is not complex, and @TinkerSmith has the right logic.
All you need is to add a motor that pushes the object upwards when near the water.

Yes, JR01 and I could make an example, but I would also love to see you explore and see what you come up with. After all, experimentation is all part of the process.

I gave up on water physics in Flowlab a long time ago…

@PixelPizza Awesome next time I can I will try this, it is super easy once you know how to do it :slight_smile:

Another thing you could do is just turn off “is solid” in physics and turn of “enable collisions” and swim Super Mario Bros style.

@TheGameDemon they are attempting to make realistic water. In short, use ladders that aren’t solid. That’s what I would do. It seems to work for me.

Needs the float affect, like being pushed up ontop of the water similar to a boat

In that case I’d probably go with @PixelPizza or @TinkerSmith 's ideas of using a motor or impulse’s “Y” input connected to a collision with the water object.

That’s what I suggested as well.