Wall Jump physics have been acting up and I don't know why. Help

For some reason, whenever I attack the enemy, the wall jumping bundle gets extremely messed up and you won’t stick to walls. I don’t know what’s causing it as I reset the rotation after every dash but it still doesn’t fix it. So I’m pretty stuck on what to do and I don’t want to progress because the wall jump mechanic is pretty crucial and so is the attacking.

Link: Flowlab Game Creator - Bit Spire
How to reproduce: Go to the “Big Tower, Tiny Square” level, go to the left, and find the red block next to the wall jumping walls. Press S when you are close to the enemy (it detects using proximity) and you should dash to and bounce off of the enemy. Then try to wall jump and it won’t work as usual.

@Samuel_PixelPizza do you know why this messes with your bundle?


do you have a switch to turn the bundle off if so check it that’s what messes my ■■■■ up

Switching anything on or off wouldn’t change anything in this scenario.

A switch could have turned it off not switch something A switch

I don’t get what you mean?

check if you have a switch and if its on

There is no switch, the bundle is always on. And besides, I said the problem was with the physics of the wall jump, not the jumping itself.

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This nor gate does not seem to be working. I’ve had problems like this before, with the nor gate…

This one is still outputting while the and gate is outputting, making the switch flicker on and off.

You can look into this more, but I can not, I have to go to school.

I TOLD YOU IT WAS THE SWITCH (switches are evil)

Yeah, but I’m pretty sure that it’s stuttering because of how the player doesn’t stick to the walls after attacking the enemy (which is the problem)

And can you please not go off-topic? The switches aren’t even the problem anyways.


Okay, well now I know it’s not the rotation that’s causing the issue. Simply just colliding with the enemy seems to mess up the wall jumping. But why???

Never mind. The wall jump is messed up even without colliding with the enemy. Now I’m even more confused. It’s not like I changed any code in the bundle…

I hate this so much.

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all of us do :neutral_face:

I replied on Discord, but I am posting this here too just to say that its fixed.

You just had to disconnect the Rotation set, which was an extra bit of code you added that wasn’t originally on the Wall Jump Bundle.
This rotation set basically messed up with the Flip and Raycasts inside the bundle, because the rotation of the player matters when wall-jumping (if you are facing left, it jumps left)