Wanna build a Metroidvania?

Anybody willing to bind a small, low pressure team to create a metroidvania. The genre is getting a lot of love lately with, Hollow knight, Metroid Dread, Shantae, Ori, etc…
I was thinking because this a 2d genre it would be easy to make in flowlab. We can work together to create a small but impactful game, that could become a staple on flowlab.
Platforming is a start, but if anyone’s interested I think this could turn out really cool.


I’m currently working on something else, but I may be interested based on what the project is exactly.

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That’s up for debate still, I didn’t want any restrictions, So I could see the general excitement for this idea.

I’m more than willing

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I don’t have indie so I’m unable to make the actual game/team.
If one of you wants to, then you can add whoever else decides to join. (Not everyone)

ok I’m making it

i invited you