war for peace problem



what, I don’t know what the body is for

The body is where you talk more in-depth about your problem.

what is body?

The Body of the discussion. Basically like it’s description.

oh okay good to know for future discussions, did I spell it right

My extractor is not working as in it wont find other objects stuff only it’s own

If you want to extract a value from another object, you must specify the object type and the object name. Type and name are two different things. Object types are what help objects separate from different object types. For example, the object type called “Player” is completely different from the object type called “Monster”. Object names help you identify specific objects in a specific object type. For example, in a single level, there might be three objects, all the same type: Monster. But each one has an object name. One might be called Bill, the other one Jill, and the last one Phil. Check the Flowlab guide-book for more information on that.
So in order to extract values from a different object, you need to specify both object type and name. In our Monster example, that means you need to specify which Monster the value will get extracted from. Otherwise, the extraction will revert back to the object doing the extracting.