Wave like movement

I am reworking my newest game, Geometry Lab. I have the ship and ball reworked entirely, and I am working on the new gamemode. But the wave is weird. It has the player go In a straight line up when space is held, and straight line down when let go. but idk how to make this work, the player will always smoothly fall down and I need help removing that smoothness to replace with straight movement.

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You should be setting the player’s angle to the angles the wave goes in (i believe it’s 45 and 315) and have the velocity constantly being set to a set number Forward, and make sure your wave object isn’t affected by gravity.

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My version of geometry dash I made just to challenge yours is coming along slowly… I’ve been busy grinding Brawl Stars and Pokemon Unite.
Here it is so far though.

K, I got great progress on my version lol

You should do 2 things,

  • make a death animation
  • make the player spin til they hit ground