Way to re-download uploaded sounds

So, I’m a bit stuck right now. I made a song a while back and uploaded it to Flowlab, and have since lost the download. That would be fine, as I plan to use it in my game, BUT, I also wanted to have a version of it that fades in when in a certain area. the problem is, I don’t have that version made yet, and I need the old version to make it. So, if theres a way we could re-download sounds we’ve already uploaded, that’d be great!


If you just want to make the volume fade in or out, you can use Ease Behaviors that are triggered to adjust the volume.


@ManiacPumpkin Oh yes I know, I just have yet to make the fade in part, and to do that I need the old part for refarance. Thanks tho!


But I see what you mean though. I have a ton of custom audio and sounds I uploaded to flowlab and I wouldn’t mind having access to it or being able to download it for editing and whatnot.

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