ways to reduce lag/choppiness?


my flowlab school project has gone great so far, and the basic code for the most part works. however, the school computer its running on gets real choppy at times and it breaks the simulation often (due to lots of characters on screen at once).
if there are any ideas on how i can still keep the simulation and have it run on this potato computer, without destroying code, id love to know! thank you :slight_smile:

simulation: https://flowlab.io/game/view/1372063

all of the characters don’t need to be on screen at once use proximity and message to create the new characters whenever they are needed

and invisible blocks

so invisible sprites and less animations will work? just making sure

no what I was saying @soethan1 is that there are invisible blocks with proximity trigger that make it that everything else only appears when it is needed using emitters

yeah but everything needs to appear at once, i dont want important stuff being invisible or a flashlight-y mechanic lol

oh I see