We are _____ fangame devlog (maybe for booster jam)

“Our pronouns are they/them, not because we’re nonbinary, but because we’re literally TWO [GUYS]” - [REDACTED], when talking to his archnemesis.

The story and gameplay will be about invasion! More details soon! I will rap a song, make a rap song.

Btw there is a free prize for guessing who the game is about. If you want the prize, just guess correctly by replying to this post. The reward is your choice of these:

  • Being dissed in the rap song
  • Getting a shoutout in the rap song
  • Custom animated skin in the game

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You vote on the poll and then guess, whoever wins first gets the thing they voted for.

Ah yes, my favorite superhero! Poison!

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Close, but not quite. Plus I think Poison is a villain.

the blank space is for a funny hidden character, not an inappropriate thing.

If nobody guesses I will make it painfully obvious (but not outright confirmed) until someone tells me to shut up

Quacken Venom Movie poster parody OC meme 2023
this game is cancelled before it even started

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oh venom i should have guessed from the title

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My honest reaction:
Spiderman ■■■■■ Spiderman Triste GIF - Spiderman ■■■■■ Spiderman Triste Spiderman Black Sad GIFs

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