We need coders!

Because Browngr left we are quite short on coders. Me and F3 (I haven’t been able to do ANYTHING lately) can only do so much which is why we need someone who’s job is specifically coding and nothing else (unless you ask). If you want in just tell me and give and example and I’ll add you to the team.


What Happend To Browngr?

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For a second, I thought you were saying that he died. Then I saw that he had visited the forums 9 hours ago.

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No he didn’t die! He just left the team! @pixelknife31 @MetaNinja

what level of experience would you need

At least experienced enough to understand the code already in the game @edwardi.

One sec im whipping up a level editor example

This is my level editor example (dont mind my trash art)

oh so you have indie again now? if so thats great!

not yet imma get it when I get home

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did you check out the example @Ramshacklegamestudios @ShadowGaming

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yes i did. (2020202020220)

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how is it (2020202020)

its cool even though idk whats supposed to happen.

1 for dirt
2 for lava
click to place block
right click to delete block
control cube with arrow keys

I am new on this particular site, but I am experienced in coding, maybe I can help?

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Nah bro I’m dead lol