Weapon Attachment Offset

So I Used An Attacher and a Point at Curser Gun And The Attacher Is Slightly Offset, is this a bug or is there something im not doing right?

Offset for attachments are possible yet, but they have been discussed.
For now, Its better to Tell the attached object the position of the player.


Attachments you need with offset:

Well heres the thing, how will it work with multiplayer, and how would it work with my gun?

There’s no need for that @“JR 01” , you can just offset the sprite in the sprite editor because the origin of an attachment is always the center of the canvas (unlike normal objects which is the center of the sprite).

Here’s an image explaining it:

People have asked for offset options for emit, attach and raycast before but it hasn’t been implemented yet.

Yeah, I didn’t know it was multiplayer.

Cause of having multiple player objects, you have to recenter the sprite, but I’m not sure how to better describe it than that lol.

Thanks for pointing that out @Latif , never played around with attachments yet, lol.
Have to tinker, would save me all the offset calculations I had to do in the dungeon generator for the walls and doors spawn. I just offset them and attach them to the floor? Sweet.
Might also be handy for my fake vector lines …
Sometimes I should really read all of the documentation :slight_smile: