Weapon Help Needed

How do you make a weapon that you can charge up for a better shot that does more damage? I want Roboticized tails in my game to have a charge shot if you hold the fire button but you have to charge for a certain amount of time but I also want you to be able to shoot rapid fire when your not charging the lazer blaster. Help me please!

u can make it so the fire button (eg. spacebar) will have a certain timer when triggered like spacebar connected to timer and the timer would be as long as u want but if u hold it down u can’t have rapid fire. or am I going about this all wrong… do u want a cooldown?

u can also make the charge button another key (eg. shift) and hold down spacebar at same time and that would charge it.

makes sense, I hope it works

@Tailsthefox#1 i know what your talking about ill make a example game


@theglitch055 send me the link to the game

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