Weekly art! (and a poll to get pinged)

Here is the landscape that i did the poll for. Its a simple bedroom landscape. Also i’m gonna try to post art every Monday and a poll for what art i should do every Tuesday. The bedroom landscape

  • Yes!
  • Only for art
  • Only for polls
  • Nope

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um i think you failed to make the poll
you meant to do it like this right?

  • Yes

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Yeah i dont know what im doing wrong

Yeah i dont know why its not working tho XD

there needs to be space between the poll and you message

like u cant do this(Poll code)

(/Poll code)

i used the code for the poll thing

yea but you cant put it right next to you message
leave a blank line between the last line of ur message and the poll code

Ooohhh ok hang on ima see if i can remake it XD
cool now it works