Welcome to the New and Improved Flowlab Community Forum πŸŽ‰

That sounds pretty cool, but I don’t think anyone would give a like on any of my posts. Unless someone’s willing to donate. :two_hearts:


donate?! people can make money here!?

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@witherdragon4 no I was talking about donating likes or favorites on my posts. The only way to probably gain money on here is If someone paid you for helping them with their game, or making a really cool game and posting it on an app store or something.

How do you change ur pic? Mine is still a letter P

If you go to your profile on the main website you can change it there @potatopants

Ok i will ry thanks :slight_smile:

@JR01 Should be the highest trust level their is; he has helped so many of us on here

JR 01, PixelPizza, Latif, and CrimsonBlackGames have Level 3, the highest level you can earn, since they have been active and helpful since the site started almost 10 years ago. Level 4 and Moderator have to be given by grazer.


muffled wizardy screaming

Wow I haven’t been on here in so long and this forum looks amazing!

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flowlabs had a lot of updates

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I can tell grazer put a lot of time in this!

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This has turned into a hierarchy

I prefer the old forums



I did like the old forums too, but this new version is much MUCH better in my opinion. You can finally like other people’s posts! And polls. Lots of polls.


I like your opinion @MetaNinja

This is pretty slick, not gonna lie

This Has 1.1k Views!

@pixelknife31 let’s get it to 2k views. Starts refreshing the browser page intensely.