What do you guys think about my duck sprites?

ranged attack animationthis one is the ranged attack
punching animationthis is the punching animation
idle animationthis is the idle animation
hurt animationthis is the hurt animation
base spritethis is the sprite by itself
these took me like 2 hours!
hope you like them!
and do you like the hair??
also you can not use these sprites

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it would be cuter if they were yellow and CHUBBY! and duck like

But they are also well made too!
its so good!

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it would but the type of character I want is not chubby or that cute,but I am trying to figure out how I would make a cute monster

It’s pretty good, but a bit stiff. I’d try to add more movement throughout the body, like a punch should move the hips and legs as well to add power to it

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ok I will try that, thanks!

WHY?!?!?!?! its already cute tho

ok the punch animation is much better

The legs should move along with the sprite, it looks like the legs aren’t even a part of him right now and they’re just a container holding his torso.

ok I will try to do that

ok It is finished!
3rd times the charm,hopefully


They looks quite nice.

The animations are smooth and it looks like the outline is consistent.

The hair is good, although it might be better to make it move a bit. It looks like a solid in some of the animations.