What game should I make now?

What game should I make next? I’m taking a variety of suggestions, Remember I have a free account. This will be a side project so I’m not working on Bob all the time.

@Pixel_Name1 what games do you like???

I’ve made the type of games I like :laughing: I just can’t think of anything else.

A platformer game, they are fun and my platformer is kinda cool its called stick boi (platformer).
So if you have not made one why don’t you make one!!!

Idk you choose what you make :smiley:

Something about foxes. I think you might find this idea suitable because you apparently like foxes.

Lol, yeah I do like foxes, I put both of these into consideration.

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i like foxes to they are my fav animal

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Instead of making something simple like a platformer, make google classroom in flowlab (don’t ask why)


make a game about the US government deploying Foxy or Roxy wolf from fnaf into war

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The taliban watching as the newly deployed Foxy is running toward them

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