What game should i make😅

ok so i know it been a while but now i need a game to make please help me :rofl: :sweat_smile:

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Have you done a platformer yet?

something based

well i never tried i been to busy trying to think of a game i did’nt tried to do one yet

Then do a platformer, lots of people start with them to get a hang of flowlab. Try and make it special by adding guns or a countdown or something so its not boring to make.

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ok thanks ill see what i can do (ill even try to make challenges to it :confused:)

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Ok, good luck on your game development journey. :slight_smile:

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well can you help me on some art if thats ok?

Well it depends, what are you going for?

its for a game title but can you make it a little adventureas if you can understand this

I’ll see if I have time.

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maybe a movement platformer shooter?


He already made a new game now