What happened to game

What happened To my game it did not save the behaviours

Did all of the behaviors get deleted? Or just didn’t save what you added recently?

I saved but it got deleted

its called sick boi (platformer)

Did you reload while in the behaviour editor?

ill try that

Don’t try that, that’s what causes it not to save.

ohhh iwont try it then hmmmmmmm

The menu block saved, but I found no no other behaviors in any other object. Is this what happened to you?

yes that happened to me

Another user had a similar issue so I think there might be a big bug going around. I’ll contact grazer about it.

Oh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i hate the bug then ) : <

Grazer has been adding major changes to flowlab lately, so the servers are reacting funny.

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Dang my game was getting good to : / 300 plays

I just messaged grazer about it, so hopefully he’s able to patch the bug, and restore your game.

Ok that’s good is grazer a creator of the site

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Yeah. Like what Galactian said, he just pushed out a few rather large updates which could be effecting the servers or something. I hope its a rather simple fix, but considering that two different users, including yourself, then something might be going on.

oooooooooh ok so he is a crator of this site

What is ducats ManiacPumpkin

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It was a badge that grazer gave to meburningslime, hihilogic, AbstractGallery, and myself for helping or participating in the creation of a song that was supposed to be for grazer’s birthday, but it was a little delayed.

It happened a while back ago, so I don’t have the song link saved.