What if Flowlab had a war?

I’ve been thinking about this for some minutes.
Well,here’s what’d happen:
People will create groups/militarys to stop the creator of the war.
Grazer might get included and ban the creator of the war(But banning happens rarely,I’m pretty sure.)
Spammers will go next level…kinda.
Flowlab will never be the same.

Lemme explain the last one.
Let’s use level maker for example.
Originally it’d just be used to create levels.
Then the chat bubble came.
Which attracted the bullys.
In Era 3,the KKG war (The first war) started.
Bullys could’ve got inspired by the KKG war(Idk I only joined in Era 6) and started wars.
Level Maker was never the same.
This could happen with Flowlab,except Thanos just snapped out half of the parts.
Originally flowlab would be to create games & have forums so that you can get help on those games.
It’ll never be the same if a war happened.
Bullys could come.
Flowlab could be more advanced.
More wars would happen.
But what would be the first wars name?
Taking from how uncreative & unoriginal the world is,it’d probably be called World War Flowlab.
But,what if it WASN’T called that?
Let’s take the Toad Wars from LM(Level Maker) for an example.
Toad is the starter of all 4 wars(Or 6,if you count the Jays World (LM3) ones.)
The war is named after him.
So the war’d probably be named after the starter of the war.
Itd be called something like Discussion War or something.
A good example for this is the Millennia War from LM(One of the most recent).
The war was battled against Hentai Kid(HK),but if it was named after HK it’d be the Hentai War.
This is the same with the July War.

More bullys/War starters will come.
So that’s what’d happen.
Let’s hope it never happens.
Let’s hope flowlab never becomes as low-security & chaotic as Level Maker.

What I mean by “more advanced” is with militarys,country’s & stuff.