What is the best flowlab tutorial, I need to get up to speed?

What would you say is the best tutorial for a beginner


There aren’t many on YT, I’ve looked. @JR01, @ManiacPumpkin, and @meburningslime have all helped me with things so they could help.
I’ll help with the basics though:
(make sure to try the tutorial first)

the camera behavior (in components) can allow your player to walk off the main base area (the white area)

The destroy behavior will destroy your game object (the one you are editing)

an always makes something always happen

a once makes it so… something happens once

timers can activate something to have a delay or after a certain amount of time

collisions are good, the output can trigger to almost anything including timers, numbers, destroyers, next level and a LOT of other things

Proximity is like collision but within a range, the check is just so the game knows when to activate the proximity

A number is useful (in the math section) for texts, expressions, eases, alpha, positions, globals, filters and a lot more!

I suggest trying to make a game and whenever you come up with a problem post it in this topic, I will bookmark this topic so that I can help you with anything you need help with. I’m not the best teacher.

P.S I’m not the best with pixel art so I can’t help with that but I do know that pixilart.com is great for making pixel art and game art and bandlab.com is great for making music. (if you have an indie account you can upload music)

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Hey @Daedalus, first off, welcome to the Flowlab forums!

Here are some video tutorials that will get you started on your first project!


@PixelPizza has a video tutorial series that he is making called Exploring Flowlab.


Also if you need help feel free to check out this page.



I’m sure that helps more than mine lol , I’m a bad teacher

In this community, there are many of us that will take the time out of our day to show you how to make something. The best people for this are ManiacPumpkin, Abstractgallery and Greggo. Glowbug, Baron Wasteland, and Edwardi are good people for pixel art help, and BitWit, ManiacPumpkin and Edwardi do full game reviews. I do a little of everything.


I do a little of everything too except pixel art. I mean, I WAS making a furniture asset store (free) but I got distracted and started making 2 other games sooo- :rofl: Still trying to improve on my pixel art!

Thanks all for the help I wont have to much time to do this so I will probably not be on all the time.
However I appreciate the help.


No problem! Anytime.

Yeah… im pretty much ONLY good at pixel art sooo… lol

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Practice, practice practice!

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Hi @Daedalus
I’m a few weeks into Flowlab and just started uploading tutorials to YouTube. Here are links to the first two if you are interested.

Basic Character Movements tutorial (no infinite jump)

How to make a tank combat game/ how to shoot

I plan on making a bunch more as I learn so feel free to message or mention me when you think of a useful tutorial.

Take care and be well.

Woweee imma subscribe :)))

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Thanks I’ll take a look

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The biggest problem with flowlab in my opinion is the lack of tutorials.
I want to start a tutorial series that will begin with the super basics and steadily move towards more complicated things. check out the first video I just got done making https://youtu.be/9wXSw6W1x68


@xander11804 I love it! Here is something you should keep in mind:

  • Community choice (meaning, read your comments, what do they want to know?)
  • Skill of new users AND advanced users

This is great overall though. If flowlab needs anything it’s more tutorials. You’re pretty straight forward and a good teacher, can’t wait to see how many people learn something new from you!

Tell us anything you are struggling with and we can help!

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Agree 100% with this. The basic tutorials are GREAT, don’t get me wrong. Very easy to understand, straightforward, etc. But they only teach you how to use about 10% of the available functions.

The rest of it, you are pretty much on your own.

Well, not entirely. Others here are usually willing to help. :slightly_smiling_face: But the problem with that is… nobody is online 24/7. And even when others are online, they might not understand what you are trying to do, or they’ll just send you bundles of code that you can “copy paste”.

I don’t want to copy paste someone else’s code. When there’s a function thingy that requires an equation to make something work, I don’t want someone to just tell me “put in x-y/b*a=0” I want to know specifically how each and every single little bit works…

Some people will say “oh well it’s obvious”… but it isn’t, always. LOL ‘always’ for example. If I connect something to an “always” connection, will it override something else I add later? Flowlab be like “IDK, maybe?” I’ve made it a habit to play test every new thing I add to make sure it doesn’t break the rest of my stuff.

I get it, most of the regular coders / game devs here already know what they’re doing, and they think that “it’s so easy, a caveman could do it”. And while I admit that Flowlab basic functions are pretty easy to figure out, it’s also equally as easy to completely bork your game when you start playing around with functions you don’t fully understand.

EDIT: can’t rate your video on helpfulness because you removed it.


So, here’s the problem.
Grazer is a one-man-band with a life and presumably a job. He sacrifices enough time to get us these amazing updates, so he’d have to choose: get you updates or make tutorials. I’d say we cover the tutorial category pretty well here, so updates are the priority.



I’d say the complete opposite. How many topics do you see a day trying to make a character move or spawn something? It would all be solved with one tutorial and a link to the source on the main page. Updates are the least important thing at the moment, considering most are beta features for indie and beyond users. Tutorials may not be important to you, but a lot of other new users would probably take a tutorial any day over new behaviors to master when they don’t even know how to use the current existing ones. Not saying Grazer needs to make tutorial videos, I just think he could hire someone or find a volunteer willing to do the job.


You can’t have a tutorial for everything, that’s what the forums are for.