what is your favorite video-game?

I really don’t care if you answer this or not just curious

I’m a full on gamer which is probably why I like flowlab so much! my top 3 have to be 1. ARK survival evolved 2. subnautica 3. Doom eternal

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I’m going to be completely honest here I have been totally obsessed with ARK for over a year and now genesis comes out!

@grazer if you feel this is too off topic than bump

I LOVE Minecraft and PVZ Battle for Neighborville.

And also PacMan.

I see

anyone who likes ARK is my new best friend!

Is it on Flowlab, or can be any game?

If it is any game, I pretty much have no idea what my favorite game is. I have played video games for the majority of my life and there are just too many to choose from. Although the games that I enjoy a whole bunch are Undertale, Minecraft, and Tiny Heist (FYI, Tiny Heist is also a movie, but the video game is COMPLETELY different, it actually inspired my own game Stealthy Ninja).

If it is on Flowlab, it is @“PixelPizza”'s game Tonight.

Wait… UNDERTALE?! I LOVE THAT GAME! I accidentally didn’t say that… :expressionless: