what is your high score?

@seamothmaster45 made this game truthfully I kind of hate it but…he released a new endless shooter game mode and I have gotten addicted. it is actually kind of stupid but I WANT THE HIGH SCORE!!! I got 97 seconds and kind of want to know other people’s high scores!! here is the game https://flowlab.io/game/play/1312591

I can’t tell do you like the game or do you hate it?

both I love the endless shooter mode but, I absolutely HATE AND DESPISE the real game mode

120 secs

why do I suck

best I’ve ever gotten is 347 but it is my game so I know how to cheat it

I’m happy that you like it! (kind of)

sorry @seamothmaster45 I let my little brother onto my account to make a game (didn’t expect him to go on forums) he was really rude about your game and if I’m going to be honest I think he is jealous
I think your game is great! needs some work but can definitely be improved! not like I can say anything I just joined!

sorry about the “my friend” comment

lol np I like it when people say it is bad it helps me know that I can improve!