What is your phone screen size?

For everyone that has made an app for Android or iOS, I really would like to know what dimensions you are using for length and width. Now that we have larger and longer phones, like the new longer iPhones, and the Samsung Galaxy, smaller and older phones may get cut off, or have large black bars depending on how apps scale. I have no idea how flowlab exported apps scale on phones. This will help me decide how big I should make my app, so that it is a reasonable size for all phones.

5.6 in height x 2.8 in width. Not sure what that translates to in pixels. This is for the Samsung Galaxy J3 V

I usually go with 24:16
That matches the IPhone 6 and most monitors/TVs

768x532 then? Alright. I’ll try that on my phone and see how it looks.

24:18 for ipad

How is the iPad only slightly bigger than the iPhone? I could have sworn the iPad was far more massive, unless you’re saying it just gets more stretched out.

@“Mhx Ar” Im talking in terms of ratio, not size, the iPad is bigger than the iPhone fourfold

4s and under have the same ratio as the iPad, 5 and up are slightly longer, giving it the same ratio as a normal monitor- or so I believe

In the case that you’re talking about the game would get stretched out, I could always just expand the screen and move around the HUD so that the aspect ratio isn’t flawed, but rather zooms out so you can see more of the game.

It wouldnt do that, it would stretch itself, but if it doesnt have the same ratio, it will either go offscreen, or youll see some black on the sides of the screen.