What number of loops begins an infinite loop?

infinite loops begins an infinite loop
like a message loop, or a infinite spawn

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I’ll make an example

An object spawning itself is an infinite loop, but if there is a delay between spawns it won’t be an infinite loop

Flowlab Game Creator - Infinite Loop Example

what i mean is this:

I make these on purpose throughout my code
I want to know where the cap is, cause at 100 it works and at 2000 it says infinite loop

When it reaches 2000 it sets the original number to 2000, which shouldn’t cause an infinite loop unless it gets the input again. Even that shouldn’t cause an infinite loop because it’s increasing the value, so the next input should be 4000.

it adds 1 until it hits (a number I specify above I said 100 or 2000) then it sets back to 0
it counts the 100 but the 2000 causes an infinite loop

An infinite loop in flowlab is when your code forces the website to run more than one function in a single frame, which crashes it.

how many loops is that?

More than one in a frame, flowlab prioritizes what to run first, but if you make it rerun something in the same frame, it’s an infinite loop and will cause it to crash.

but as I said it works with the value 100 but not 2000 so somewhere in between, there is too much code anyone know what the approximate number is?

Are you ok? I said if you make flowlab rerun something more than once in a frame, it creates an “infinite loop” message. It’s not always technically an infinite loop, since it can just be a single rerun of a code.

This is incorrect, I use many loops within a frame to get what I need.
What seems to happening here is that an infinite loop is being triggered (false trigger) even though it shouldn’t be causing the alert. I got it to work at 600 consistently, but anywhere between 600 and 1400 has 50/50 chance causing this trigger. At the very least, it should work up to 3,200 loops.

If else as a guess, it could possibly be something in the number or filter not updating correctly within the frame and doesn’t stop when it’s supposed to.


thank you! I was going to try a saving system for the Minecraft world but looking at this idk if it would be possible (I was hoping it would run at least 1k times consistently) but 600 it may take a few min to save which is no bueno

Why do you need a lot of loops to save it?
Just have everything save their own values that they all can edit the same list.

hmmm let me see!
(I’ll check tomorrow or later cause I’m currently working on something else)