What Should I Create Next?

What’s up, person reading this post?

If you remember me, I am the creator of Pixel Sports, which recently got its biggest update yet. However, I feel like I need a small break from making new updates to the game. Don’t worry, I am not abandoning Pixel Sports, it still has lots of potential. But it is the only serious game that I am developing. So, I want to start a new project. Catch is, I need your help in deciding which project I start off with. The theme is “the main character is a pig”.

Porky’s Nightmare
This is a horror game that I started about a year ago but never really paid much attention to. It is a horror, survival, Five Nights at Freddy’s type game where you must survive 7 nights in a pizzeria with killer robots. I plan to give Porky’s Nightmare at least 4 sequels after the exportation of the first game. The upside of this game is that, if this wins the vote, than I can guarantee that I can put Porky’s Nightmare in it’s Beta stages very quickly, much like Pixel Sports. The downside is, well, I am not good at creating scary situations (although a friend of mine did get startled a lot while playing this game). So the game may not be as scary as it could be.

Pigmy Tower Defense
This is a tower defense game where you place pigmies (which are humanoid pigs) in order to stop a fleet of birds from getting to the apple farm. I have little to no experience with creating this type of game, but it is worth a shot. And I think it would be fun to make. The downside is that, unlike most other entrees on this voting discussion, saving will be almost non-existent, so most progress you make in a level will just be thrown down the bucket by the time you leave the game.

Pigmy Hunter
Again revolving around the humanoid pigmies, but with an actual story behind it. The pigmy race has been trapped inside a volcano by the humans and must survive waves of huskified pigmies (which are essentially zombies) to survive. At the same time, they must build their own civilization under the volcano so that they can break out of the volcano and reform an alliance with the humans. The game will have the same style as Pixel Sports with an arcade-type game and cute characters, with deep secrets at the same time. Also, each level is randomly generated, ensuring that game-play is different every time. The downside? This will take SUPER long to create. Pixel Sports alone took 7 months to reach Beta 1.0. With Pigmy Hunter, it is no doubt going to take even longer, especially since I have been super busy with other things lately.

So, there you have it. Whichever entree gets at least 5 votes, I will work on first. Even if the other ones fail, I am sure that I will work on them as well.

can you provide a link to Porky’s Nightmare?

@“seamothmaster45” Yes, I can. Keep in mind that jumpscares don’t work anymore, so… you won’t get scared at all.

porky’s nightmare without a doubt

Okay then. Porky’s Nightmare has one vote.
I decided to lower the voting goal to 3. Once Porky’s Nightmare reaches three votes, I will start working on it again.


I don’t know what “.” means…

sry, porky’s nightmare

Okay. Porky’s Nightmare has 2 votes. One more and I will get to work.

i want to make a olympic game so bad but Im on the free version so I’m screwed

You can still try to. Don’t let your dreams leave you.

dang that is sad two people voted and you never got the three votes that you wanted…

Yup. I might just start on Porky’s Nightmare anyways since it’s obvious by this point that people want it.

pixil-gif-drawing (2)

So I started working on Porky’s Nightmare, and so far I have created one new jumpscare. What do you think @“seamothmaster45” and @“XXD3G”?

@Superstargames if it helps I vote for porkeys nightmare. That’s three!

looks great @Superstargames

Thanks you two! Now I know that Porky’s Nightmare will definitely be a prized project of mine.

It Looks AMAZING!!!

It gives me goosebumps… I guess it’s really good then! xD