What should I make for Rose Buds?

I am wanting to know what I should add. Choose in the comments between these two choices:

  1. Playable Characters
    Playable Characters means that you can play certain characters by pressing C.

  2. More Animation
    This adds more animation to the game, including grass an flowers.

Again, post thoughts in the comments!

I thought you were starting a different game

I was. I’m still updating Rose Buds, though!

I kind of want both, but if I had to choose:

Playable characters, as that technically would require a walk, idle, and jump animation XD

That would kind of take away the aspect of animated characters though…

Hm. I’m not sure haha in that case, definitely add some more animations. Maybe in the scenes with open skies having moving clouds, some particle FX I don’t know haha

I don’t know how to make clouds… :bleep_bloop: