What the heck is this?

Screen Shot 2019-12-22 at 7.11.14 PM

Like…how do i get it?
@“JR 01”
@“my_name (<_>)”

By having an indie account

I still advise you to try discord for questions like this.

Hey @RageDayz - go to your profile (click your name in the site header, then select “profile”) https://flowlab.io/users/profile

Then choose a name for your dev team and click “create dev team” to create a new team. Now you can give that team access to edit your games, and invite other users to join the team and collaborate.

Thx! @grazer !

What is the Flowlab discord named @grazer @“JR 01” ?

You can check it out in this discussion.

thx i have it already