What theme to make for my game?

So, I don’t know what to do for my 3rd game so I’ll take a vote
comment the number of what you think I should make
1=fantasy RPG
2=horror game
3=idle game
4=arcade game
5=.io game
6= puzzle game
Might I remind you all that I’m using the Free version

I’m trying to stay away from openworl games because I’ve already done 2 of them

.io games are going to be simple games with bots since I don’t have multiplayer =(

for fantasy RPG its going to be a single path you take, and there will be a lot of random encounters, side quests will also be added


I think, personally, the fantasy RPG would be the best choice. I wish the best of luck @MagmaDude100 !

I haven’t seen many RPG’s, so try that. Might be difficult to code though

Just make whatever inspiration you get. Just think if you want it to be a good long game or a quick small game.

Thats the point of this post, I came up with 5 ideas and I wanted to see which was more popular

Well it looks like RPG is the upvote here

I’m still going to waituntil then end of next week to see if any of the others are suggested to give more people a chance to vote

I mean, an arcade game would be my second choice.

4 on RPG and 1on arcade, remember that voting ends next week

added puzzle game to the list

voting ends at the end of this week

Made a vid on this over on my YT channel

Here is my rating:

  1. Fantasy/Any RPG
  2. Arcade Game
  3. Horror Game
  4. Puzzle Game
  5. Idle Game
  6. io. Game

I put io. last since they wont be real players, but I highly suggest ANY type of RPG, if it were a fantasy or science fiction, many could work. Arcade is easy, and enjoyable, but horror games can’t get really scary on FlowLab, but still can be enjoyable. A puzzle game would be perfect on FlowLab, but not as enjoyable, and I don’t think many will wait around an idle game for long on FlowLab. And I had already stated the reason of the io. game. I wish luck, and that is my ranking! Thanks for considering @MagmaDude100 !

4 on RPG and 1 on horror (my brother was the horror vote irl)

Thanks for the input @rcreger but mainly by idle game I meant something similar to a phone game called “Idle Supermarket Tycoon” not directly the same, but similar

I just typed up notes on all six subjects so i’ll know what to do when I get to it