What type of game should I make

I need some game ideas and theams

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A Sci-fi side-scrolling platformer shooter with Rocky and bumpy terrain. A few trees and patches of grass here and there and mountainy background.

An RPG game?

I need a theem to go with that

Learning to get away with a murder after finding out your neighbor found the cut up pieces of dead children’s corpses’ under your floorboards.

I would recommend getting an indie subscription if you’re trying to make an RPG. They take a BUNCH of objects.

Sorry for being off-topic but,

WHY would you hide raw pieces of meat UNDER THE FLOOR? It would just rot!

Well I mean me personally I would be hiding them under my floorboards to save them for later. (I’m going to sell the pieces at the blackmarket.)

I didn’t say that.

It would probably raise the value if you freeze them first, that way they’d last for longer and wouldn’t rot during transportation.
(Off-topic ending.)

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Oh alright! Thanks! I was actually going to ask for help with that since I am having a similar situation right now. Well see you later.

no to you

I thought you wanted to make horror games…

well Im not doing that right now. no one wants to do one susfific type of game>

I still need a theme to the game

Make a game where your a turtle/submarine that navigates through underwater obstacles and mazes.


What does “susfific” mean? Google had no direct answer for it.

I’m gonna add a sea turtles shell for the floor. for you

Maybe make a REALLY simple game, like Mario