What we need is not just an Alert Update, but all entirely NEW behaviour - And QUESTS!

People have wanted this for a long time. An update to the Alerts. Things like another button, mainly. But what if what we need is something else as well as an alert behaviour in the same catagory of alerts. I think it should be an entirely new string of behavious too, but onto that later.

So this new behaviour, “Dialouge” Is like an alert, but you can alter the height and width, the font, and the butrons bellow. It ustomatically pauses the game, though this can be done manually, and the colour of the font for the title (who is speaking) and the body (The dialouge). This is the basic idea.

Taking it to the next level would be having a quest option. There is also a quest complete option, but a quest must have begun tobhave this option. So when the dioulouge is finished, the quest has begun. And when you pick up an object (that completes your quest) or something else that can complete a quest, a quest complete (and quest begins) block is avaliable. The block can also be used for numbers, so if you find a number of items the quest is complete. The quest numural vale can also be in a label and anythibg else that can take numbers. This is the ADVANCED Quest options.

I know this is confusing and a lot of people will see a lot of errors but before I am bombarded with questions and reasons why this would not work can I have your opinions, anything you would add or remove, how this could actually realistically work and maybe what needs correcting before the other stuff. The obvious shout out to @“JR 01” and @Superstargames , and @TinkerSmith as I am sure he has some helpful input for this with @meburningslime . I know I forgot people but I can’t remember everyone.

And last but not least @grazer - Would ypu consider this? Please at least do the Basic idea soon, as I know the advanced may be a challenge. Please consider this and at least give a reply in the comments bellow.

Hmmm, I totally support the advanced Alert block, something like the normal Windows Message Window where you have more button options. Like Yes/No/Cancel for example.

I have to admit that I can’t quite wrap my head around the Quest block. There are so many different ways of ‘doing’ and completing a quest, how would all the different options be covered? At the moment I think we are quite well covered with Global Variables to keep track of stuff and Bundles to make the game logic needed?

Otherwise would you have an example (from somewhere else … shhh), that shows how quest blocks work?

I have always wanted an updated Alert behavior, and I believe that a dialogue behavior would work, too! Although I don’t know 100% how this a quest behavior would work out. I guess it would be useful in making achievements and stuff like that.

So, @TinkerSmith and @Superstargames , first thanks for the support, I hope @grazer actually considers this and second I know this was quite complex so, Explain it Basically:

  1. The Quest begin Behaviour - When a trigger happens like a diallouge or collision (for example) It starts a new Quest, which you must create and name, like a variable.

  2. Quest end Behaviour - When another Trigger happens like a filter or another dialogue it ends the quest which leads to something else happening e.g a gate opening.

So lets say, after you spoke to someone in the game the quest was to collect 20 fish, one you collect a fish it adds to a number, which leads to a filer of equal to or greater than 20. Thr filter leads to End Quest, so once 20 fish is collected It officially ends the quest and opens a gate leading you to your next level. But once a quest starts or ends it does not display unless you use an alert or a label.

P.s You can also move the Dialogue box which can have the option of being snapped to the grid like objects or not like labels.

Do you understand it better now? @Grazer please read this as well! @TinkerSmith @Superstargames

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I agree with this request as well, however, nowadays we have enough advanced features that we can do this with GUI Blocks.

  • Not really want to update the alert block, but I would like to see a customize-able alert box to move around and add or subtract the amounts of buttons and more input options.

  • I would like to see a dialog box behavior but would need several input options and settings.

  • Quest block is too specific I think, It could be done with just an alert and a UI object…

I have found a way to make quests in the game i’m making for melburning slimes challenge

@16batemangibneycha That is more of a physical visual quest, I mean more numeral and variable based. Something official and in code. But good game :slight_smile:

@grazer any input of this - I think at least the diallouge bit should be added.

Thanks Hopefully you’re Quest idea will be added seems quite cool

You can already create quests, and there are multiple ways to do it.
Using messages, Globals, Saves, etc.

You don’t need a specific behavior for this :slight_smile:

Love the graphics :slight_smile:

Thanks a ton!!

@PixelPizza I know, but I mean in terms of more numeral. For example, if you have a quest block, when that ends you can have a lot of things happen from that. It can be the starter pont to a lot of things. But if you just xode the quest, the stuff that happens after that is limited and cannot be shared without tedious messages. With Quests, they act more as variables, quite like a switch, when they start and when they end that can cause a lot to happen, saving you a lot of time.

I must be missing something crucial.

Because you can use Globals and filters for that.
0 for “not done”, 1 for “accepted”, 2 for “done”, and 3 for “rewarded”.
@“The Kodex”

@“The Kodex” , I have to admit I still have some problems to understand what the quest block is supposed to do.
From a coder point of view I would say, I need a mockup/flowchart of what it is supposed to do.

What is that quest block supposed to look like, could you sketch it up?
Inputs available/ Outputs available and also, what parameters can be set inside?

With coding it’s always like this, the better you can detail and specify it, the higher the chances to make it happen. At the moment the definition is rather fluid to what I understand and I guess others have the same problem.
Or have you seen something like this in a different system and could point us to it?

Not trying to nag, just trying to define it more clearly :slight_smile:

For me its most of the time like that. If I am not able to lay out the flow on paper I have hardly any chance to get it done. All my routines started on paper, in a flowchart, or sometimes if they involved maths, I even use Excel to have a go, LOL (shhh, don’t tell)