Whats been Happening

So hello everybody. So i’m not here to announce my fifth coming back to Flowlab, but to adress what im doing or why i’ve been in absence for such a long time. So in the past few months i’ve been moving on to bigger and better things such as changing Bonechill Studios to DaFightingNoob and changing my own Youtube channel to that name, archiving all the videos with new content. If you would like to see what im doing on my channel, the all the links will be at the bottom of everything i have to say in this message and its doing pretty great, a solid 100+ subs! And now since im not using Flowlab, if you’re wondering if i still am a developer then yes, i am. I am working on games on Scratch and Roblox Studio and would be happy to probably learn some more if I could. I do not know what else to say here so im gonna cut it off here. If you have any questions, just message me in this forum and i might or may not respond, so thank you all for the crazy journey all in Flowlab and i hope to create games with you all again sometime in the future.

DaFightingNoob - YouTube ← Youtube
S3_DaFightingNoob - Roblox ← Roblox
DaFightingNoob on Scratch ← Scratch