What's the secret?

animation frame

How do I reach the animation frames that are out of view so that I can edit them? (It goes up to ‘Z’)
I might be missing something stupid here, please tell me the secret how I can scroll there.

Only work around I found is to actually run the simulation, really slow, and stop it when it reaches the frame I need.
Don’t laugh …

@TinkerSmith i have run into the same problem. My work around is to zoom out of the screen to like 50 or 60%. You have to zoom out before you enter the sprite editor, but when you do youll be able to see more frames. Not an elegant solution but its worked in a pinch.

Thanks @todorrobot :slight_smile:

… at least it wasn’t me, lol

I prefer to make a new animation and figure out a seamless transition.

@todorrobot @“JR 01” @TinkerSmith I have cutscenes with hundred of frames. i just zoom out, and import the pictures in. So, I would do my art in pixilart, and download all the frames. I upload all the pictures, and then I zoom out until I have uploaded all the frames. Hope this helps!