When does this happen, exactly?

I noticed that some people’s games have loading bars, whilst others have this weird spiral thing. What triggers the change from spiral to loading bar?


I believe that if you have indie it shows as a loading bar instead, because the spiral thing is accompanied by “free edition”

Not always. I have indie, and the spiral thing shows up. I’m thinking it has something to do with the size of your game data.


I never have the spiral anymore

Pff, you don’t have indie you have educational. And it shows up as “Educational edition” with the spiral loading screen

< If you had indie it would show up on your face like me


Pretty sure it depends if you’re opening the editor, or playing the game.

No, it’s just whether or not you have indie. Educational isn’t the same as Indie. That’s one of the things you get with indie, a blank loading screen instead of a water mark one

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