When everyone is asking for a non-useless discussion by me even tho I have a "pls give me ideas for

-NSGCraft 1.1" discussion

SomeBODY once told me people ignore what they want

So if I were to post like 4-5 discussions, all of which serving no purpose, and that are pushing away other discussions that ACTUALLY matter, including my own, that would not be considered spamming?

@GalaxianGames Because I’m too lazy for a link,just go to the games section and search up “New Scared Game” .
NSGCraft will appear.

P.s. I don’t want attention,I just want to make discussions.
P.s.s. I don’t think I’m spamming.

Making useless discussions is my passion

me to man me to

Lol got to say respect+

@“Gamer20”, I understand that you want more attention to your previous discussions, but repeatedly posting useless discussions isn’t the way to do it. That’s called spamming, and you can face consequences for doing it, like spam block or even banning in extreme cases.
Now then, onto the actual topic for the discussion: Can you leave a link to this “NSGCraft” game?

LOL @Gamer20 :slight_smile:
If you are too lazy to post a link, how can you expect peeps to make the effort to dig for your game :lol:

… not me …

P.S. and if you are a discussion addict, there is always Discord :bleep_bloop:

Hey @Gamer20 , to leave a link, just copy the link of your game from the Flowlab site (which allows you to copy the game URL by a click of a button), or from the search bar. Next, you’ll find an icon above where you type comments in the shape of a couple of links in the form of a chain. Press that, past, and click off of the pasted link so it doesn’t delete itself from typing immediately. In which, then you can write a message after/before the link.

Just in case you didn’t know:)

@TinkerSmith because I don’t think they are as lazy as me

you are mistaken child…

im lazier than you:Screenshot 2020-08-18 at 7.34.25 PM

@glithctyrus [softly]Dont.

That picture is creepy

@Gamer20 what he’s trying to say is that it wouldn’t be spamming if everything was thorough, thought through and useful. However, you could combine all of the discussions you posted into one, which would seem more complete.
Also, this is a peer review situation. If I were you, I’d start respectful to all, even the toxic gamers, and ease into your position as you gain popularity.