When I found this I was like, bruh.

Ok, so I recently figured out that you could ‘walk’ under my map. ‘walking’ under it would be jumping on top of the block that keeps the main map moveable. So, in short terms, the game is supposed to allow jumping once it hits the ground BUT, it registers any block form any direction as the ‘ground this meaning that you can jump an infinite amount of times as long as you hit an object every time you jump’. PLUS, you can also noclip thru blocks, I literally made an invisible block to ensure the players don’t jump out of the map. Yeah, this also means they can ‘walk’ on the top of the sky. PLZ FIX. Bellow is me ‘walking’ under the map.
Flowlab bug

no link?

wdym no link?

He means that there is no link to the game.

Oh, the link to the game is http://flowlab.io/game/play/1318925 pls don’t try to do the glitch. I mean you might get banned.

WOT??? How’d I get banned? I did nuthin!

Bruh, just dont collide on top:

Did you read the rulz this time?

Read the rules on the page I made if you were glitching.