Which should i choose

so i wanted to make a top down rpg game for a while but still havent started i was making a platformer but my files got corrupted should i continue the platformer or should i start making the top down rpg


I think the plat former would be a better choice!

i will see wht other people say i was almost done with the platformer and most of the files got corrupted only sprites,didnt only thing left for me to do was make the last few leves but that rpg is giant project i have some sprites reedy i wanted to start it but it was too big of a project but now i have a person that will help me with sprites

If the RPG is a big project than definitely start with the plat former so you have more time for your bigger projects :grin:

P.s. trust me…I’m working on two HUGE projects at one time…I have to be able to time things right if I’m going to be able to work on both at once lol

thanks i will its a medium project only 50 levels it has simple sprites

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Sounds great @ERR0R4o4!

I think you should go with platformer. They are simpler to make on Flowlab.
Oh yeah, and just for future reference, to make this kind of voting easy, there is an option to set up a poll here in the forums. All you need to do is click on the gear icon when writing a post and select “Build Poll”, and you can create a poll.

@MetaNinja that’s only for high level members.

Really @meburningslime? I got to use it when I was just a basic user. Perhaps it was because I already used the forums in the past.

Yeah, I built a poll on my second day on the new forums.

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