Who wants a free year of Indie? (LevelUP Jam)

Good whatever time it is in your time zone.

I’ve noticed a large number of members here in the community lack the resources necessary to acquire an Indie subscription (whether that resource is a job, access to spare funds, etc.)
And so, with the permission from Grazer, I’d like to attempt a contest of my own (much like a Flowjam) in which the first prize will be a one year premium subscription, that I will provide.
I will be hosting this at the beginning of February 2022, and would like some feedback on the ideas I have, as well as your ideas and opinions.

1.) Not have an active indie subscription.
2.) Use only original assets, or have creator permission to utilize theirs.
3.) No dev teams, it will be unfair to use features of their pro to your advantage, and unfair for two basic accounts to decide who gets the prize.
4.) Be respectful, and understanding of the judges decisions.

1.) I would be appreciative if other premium users here in the community would voice interest in voluntarily judging this with me, as it may turn out to be a large workload for one person.
2.) Judgment will be done on a scale for each major category, and added together with other judges scores to reach a total point tally.
EDIT: 3.) Maybe a small score bonus for community votes, non-participants like indie holders or uninterested parties. Feedback required here.

I have a few ideas for themes/topics that this will based around.
1.) My personal favorite is giving everyone the same synopsis of an unmade game, and watch each creators interpretation of it. (Example: “Katie awakes in a mysterious laboratory and, with no memory of how she got there, must find a way to escape while evading those that reside in it’s strange walls”)
2.) A less complex idea is to make it themed after Valentines as it would be a relevant event in this timeline, but I feel that it’s just too broad.
3.) Allow any submission so long as it meets a base criteria of A. Can’t be a game you’ve already created, B. Must be completely playable start to finish, and C. a parameter to be decided on the day.

1.) Obviously first place will be a year of indie,
2.) Runner up could be an article of clothing merch from the shop (with a price tag limitation) or maybe something else, let me know.
3.) I would like to offer some manner of participation prize within reason, but I’m unsure as to what would be fair. Again, let me know.

That is all I have so far, I’m very interested in hearing your thoughts on this and look forward to your participation in this event in some form or another.
Please quote specific entries here when possible and add support or otherwise for them so I have some feedback on them.
Take it real easy.


I would love to participate in this. If any new rules are added or something changes feel free to tag me.


if i where to participate w/ my main account (doesn’t have indie)
could you hold the reward for 2 years XD i know weird request


Woah, you don’t have Indie? I really thought you would have.
Forgive me if I forget to tag, memory is not my thing.


May be unfair to other participants who could start taking advantage of it right away.


participate doesn’t mean win or try to win XD he could just submit a game

C0PY cCCCCCAAAAAAAaaaaaatttTTTTTtttttt!!!

To what/who do you refer?

are you offering indie also yours is sad

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he had a game jam but he set the ending date in April, I think, anyway way too long and it didn’t have an incentive
yours has a purpose and is soon

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Ah, I didn’t think he trademarked competitions.
I’ll notify Hell’s Kitchen and Americas Got Talent of their infringement.


Oooh genuinely sick burn, lol. Also, I would absolutely like to participate in this, please! And also, like ManiacPumpkin said, feel free to tag me about any sort of updates on this!


yeah its the GAME-DARE and aprils my BIRTHDAY and I allready have a ENTRIE! DO YOU?

the point is to feel rushed… if you already have an entry then it isn’t a game jam

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arrghhh it long so NOBODY MISSES OUT LIKE I DID!!! :rage: :rage: :rage: :rage: :rage: :rage: :rage: :rage: :rage: :rage: :rage: :rage: :rage: :rage: :rage: :rage:

then you announce it early don’t host it early and if people ask you to move it so they don’t “miss out” then move it

also stop with the caps and emojis

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oohhh… :no_mouth: :neutral_face: :neutral_face: :neutral_face: :neutral_face: P.S sorry about emojis!


You do yours, I’ll do mine. No reason to make a competition out of competitions. Good luck with your Jam.

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you to! (maybe we can combine game jams? like a team up?

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Everyone does game jams dude, don’t say that


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