who wants to play my game? not quite done yet but ok

not quite done yet but ok hope you enjoy it
(bandages not working) here

tell me what you think of it

can’t play, on the phone now. But i will check it out tomorrow :slight_smile:


checks out

enemys are a little bit to hard ide sugggest giving it a delay

pretty good game, but like @glithctyrus said the enemys are too hard.


LOL @KA11561 great start :slight_smile:
Zombie mayhem, love it.

Just replace the standard tiles with your own ones so that they fit your theme.
Also … it confused me that there were 3 different trigger buttons for each weapon. You select them with 1,2,3 and I think it would work better to have the same attack button for all of them, like [space]

Keep it up :slight_smile:

ok thx for the feed back