Why and How

Why is Betty spaghetti on the front page it doesnt have a menu or anything and I dont really get the point of it. Also how does it have so many plays. @grazer
@jack.sorry wasnt trying to be mean but it just doesnt look polished

Why does it matter? Is it harming you? no. Is it distrubting your work? no. Is it stopping you from getting your goals accomplished? no, just because a game isn’t polished doesn’t mean its bad. It just means its fun but not finished, most games that are on the front and second page aren’t polished but still fun. and not every game has a menu

Because he more than likely refreshed the page a million times rather than making a good game (Keep in mind i haven’t played it that’s just from an outsiders opinion!). That’s what my friend did on my game Old Super Mario Bros. (KEEP IN MIND i did not ask him he just did it for me!)

It’s so f’ing easy to do it to that i don’t even blame him for it.

@MagmaDude100 it’s not that it’s bad, but more of pretty random and weird.
Like It doesn’t really look like it has the effort put into it like the other games on the first 3 pages.
I wouldn’t say fun either cause it’s more of a simple plat former with annoying coin placeholders as a solid object that gets in the way. It uses very basic behaviors and doesn’t have any real pixel art. It doesn’t feel like a top game for people to look after or to get ideas or help from. There are many good games that would be great for a front page or first 3 pages of the game list. I just can’t say the same for this one.

Edit: Sound is meant to be broken, I think this is a troll!

@MagmaDude100 its not fun either

and now the game “potato palace” that game is sponsoring in its descriptions
is randomly on frontage too…


Oh yeah O didnt see that why are all the sudden just popping up, is cause they have so many plays