Why are alerts not priority?

Hey, not sure if this is something I can work out.

I’m working on a map game:

If you click on the “reset” button on the right hand side an alert shows up to restart the game. I also created a button that shows up at the bottom to remove the alert and continue the game if clicked.

The problem is that if you click on one of the buildings on the left and click and drag the building to where the alert button shows up after clicking on “reset”, you won’t be able to click that button anymore (either the continue or the alert button).

This happens even if I give display order priority to the “Reset” button and the “Continue” button.

Any suggestions on something I can do to give the alert and the continue button priority when clicking the screen?

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Don’t use the remove input, it’s bugged.
When you click it automatically closes it.

I think I just figured out a work around. I’ll make all buildings size 0 when the alert is happening and back to normal size if “Continue” is clicked. (I have it working for the Airport at this point) It’s bit of work but it’s something lol

Do you know how to remove old Behavior Bundles from the list? I accidentally created too many and now I can’t scroll down to the newer one xD

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Long Press it lol, yeah that’s annoying lol

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