Why are my extractors inaccurate? Bug report/ Help request

This has started happening just recently in my game and I cant figure out why. Whenever I use an extractor it just doesn’t work, for some reason it thinks everything in the game is at 0, -16.

Here’s an example of what I mean, as you can see this should spawn a brick right on top of the object I’m editing, cobblestone

but this happens


I do have some spaghetti code but I cant imagen I would have anything that would make it do this. I will add though that my cursor object thing in the bottom right shows completely accurate coordinates no matter where I move it which you can see in the top left, so I wonder if it has something to do with a spawned in object which is what the cobble stone is.

May I see your game please, I need the link to see the error.

Yeah a link is needed to see more of what’s happening. From the vague screenshot you showed it should work fine though. However I don’t think this is a bug, doesn’t seem like that type of thing.

Sorry here Flowlab Game Creator - Isogroaph. That’s why I wasn’t sure if Im just stupid or there’s something wrong.

I don’t know why it is happening, but I added a fail save to destroy any blocks at the position 0 X, -16 Y.

This should help, for now:

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So this is the issue.
When spawning in the cobblestone block, it will spawn at the wrong Y axis. It’s just a weird frame order thing that would be too hard to explain rn. Basically code runs top to bottom, left to right, and that was basically causing this issue because something was done wrong.
Instead of spawning from the Router, if you use the Extractor set to “This Y” as the input, it’ll work fine.

Now onto the issue of the bricks “not spawning”/ only spawning at (0, -16).
They actually are spawning perfectly fine. Just make the other objects transparent and you can clearly see they are spawned, just under everything else.

The 3rd issue is you just need to organize better. You didn’t ask for this, but just saying that your code could definitely be bundle much better and laid out in a better way.

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